Challenge 10

Daily Disney (Explored)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joe Penniston via CompfightIt is the end of the blogging challenge i only posted 7 posts but this will be the eight but i hope to add more to catch up. All of my posts are school based and i
have one post to my own interest the rest of these was set by the challenge. My post is not big and doesn’t have a lot of comments 🙁 but that does not matter to me. A secret in the forest got the most comments i think it because of the pictures. I think my favorite post is the end of spring break because it was what i felt about the end and i liked how it turn out. I used changed lots of the theme the reason who wants to look at a boring blog with not color not me. Overall i have 9 widgets i don’t think this took much because i’ve seen other people with a lot more so no i don’t think i need any more. I don’t have any oversea blogs on my blog i will work to get some i haven’there yet.

I had my mom look at my blog and proud that actually descent  blog. Some reaction i got from her was that my blog was colorful and bright and was impressed.

What really captured her attention was the color and pictures on my blog i have to admitt that the colors and pictures do stand out alot.

She said there was one thing about my blog that she didn’t is that in some of the side bars were in a color that she couldn’t see what is said.

The only thing she said i should change was ethier the backround or the color of the word.

Have a Great Summer!!


Bloging challenge 6 being online

I would say my personality on the computer is probably nicer online then in real life. But the topic I’m gonna talk about today is  why people change there identities. One reason is because they don’t like something about there self and they want to have that trait on online. Another reason is they don’t want people looking for them in real life. People change their identities because they can have a different life on the Internet.
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stian Eikeland via CompfightAnonymity; and the Internet.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stian Eikeland via Compfight

A Secrets Lie in This Forest

Krai Woog Gumpen Student Bloging Challenge 5 was the question what was in the forest with a sign.
Creative Commons LicenseWell since this forset is in Tasmania it reminds me of the Tasmanian devil not the warner brothers cartoon version. Im talking about the endangered Tasmainan devilTassie devil
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Adam Tibballs via Compfight These little cute creature are going instincted becuase  they are fighting cancer that there kind can only catch. I believe these animals are in this forest.

End of Spring Break

I know complete fail this came very late like i said technology gives me the hardest time. I hope you had a good spring break. But like every spring break ends in easter candy and then school ;( . So now that its over and this is late i have to do alot of work to catch up. What im not looking forward to is school i mean now we have 15 extra minutes of school! Enough about school before i get sick! Now the end of spirng break good thing or bad thing? I mean bad thing for it ending with going back to school but the last day you get to spend time with your family and get candy on easter.Overall the end of spring break suck but it gives you something to look forward to like for me Track.

Exploring the web

While looking on XWiX i’ve seen two web sites  that catch my eye. The first one is Bell this web site is about how to get your advertising on to billboards and places to put your logo this is intresting because it helps you get your logo local or not. The next one is P(arc) design this web site is about people who will design rooms and building with mordern looks and it just looks so cool. Both websites catch my eye with there very cool pictures. I how you check out these sites.